Team Lew's® Pro Speed Spin® 2000 Series
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Team Lew's® Pro Speed Spin® Series

MSRP $129.99

12 Bearing System • C60 Carbon Rotor • S Curve Oscillation

The Pro Speed Spin features an aluminum body and sideplate, and a lightweight but strong carbon C60 skeletal rotor with stainless bail wire. The reel’s main shaft is stainless steel and pinion gearing is solid brass. Performance is super smooth with its premium 12 stainless steel bearing system. Drag performance offers a smooth range of motion, thanks to a sealed Carbon Teflon multi-disc drag system. S-curve oscillation lays the line down perfectly on retrieve to deliver an efficient payout during the cast. The series’ Zero Reverse sealed one-way clutch bearing never wavers when the handle stops turning.


  • Premium 12 bearing system stainless steel double-shielded ball bearings and Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing
  • Aluminum body and sideplate
  • Lightweight, high strength Carbon C60 skeletal rotor with stainless steel bail wire
  • S curve oscillation system
  • Lightweight double anodized aluminum spool
  • Quality solid brass pinion gearing
  • Durable stainless steel main shaft
  • External stainless steel screws
  • Includes Braid ready double anodized aluminum spare spool
  • Smooth Carbon Teflon multi-disc drag system
  • Die-cast aluminum handle with Lew's® custom SoftTouch handle knob
  • Speed Lube™ for exceptional smoothness and uninterrupted performance in all weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing cold
  • Adjustable for right or left hand retrieve


ModelBearingsWt. Oz.Line CapacityGear RatioIPT
TLP1000 11+1 6.6 100/4 5.2:1 24"
TLP2000 11+1 8.0 160/8 6.2:1 33"
TLP3000 11+1 8.3 160/10 6.2:1 36"
TLP4000 11+1 10.3 185/12 6.2:1 39"

IPT = Inches Per Turn, Line Capacity = yards/lbs.

  • Item #: TLP2000

Team Lew's® Pro Speed Spin® 2000 Series

Price: $129.99
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